Travelling by bus. Total relaxation…

…and the nicest way of going from on place to another. With us-Holzer Bus from Sexten/Sesto, of course.While the countryside races past the large panoramic windos, you’re happily relaxing in a comfortable seat with lots of legroom, you can chat, eat and drink-and you get to your destination completely rested, without having to change, without having to wait, without having to hurry,without getting overwrought. Right: When you travel with a Holzer Bus from Sexten, your excursions and holidays start when you get on board.
We’re professionals when it comes to travelling by bus. Moreover, our drives know the whole of Europe like the backs of their hands.Not to mention our ages-old partnerships with the leading local travel organisations. Simply tell us what you want-and we’ll organise cultural trips, journeys tot he sea or excursions to cities. You can do exactly what you want. Group journeys? Nothing could be easier for us. Relax and choose your destination, tell us what you need and get on the bus-we’ll see tot the rest.

Travel with us! Safe, flexible and comfortable!

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